Glenmoor Primary School

Glenmoor replaced an existing coal boiler with a 150 kW wood pellet boiler.
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Glenmoor School installed a wood energy boiler for heating - and in the process they have slashed their emissions and reduced their heating costs. They have used the activity to demonstrate leadership to its students and the local community..

In 2007 the schools consent for their boiler at the time (a coal boiler) was due to expire. They studied a number of options including converting the existing boiler to diesel or gas but at the same time were conscious of a desire to do something environmentally positive. On advice from EECA they considered wood fuel as an options and wood pellets in particular.

Principle at the School Peter Mitchel said the new wood pellet system is very easy to use and heats up very quickly (an hour compared the the 2.5 hours for the old coal boiler). Savings on fuel were also noted due to increased efficiencies and reduced fuel use and also new thermostats installed onsite.

The boiler cost $150,000 and has reduced their emissions by 33 tonnes. The payback period is estimated at

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Conventional Combustion
Wood Pellets
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96 Philpotts Road, Mairehau, Christchurch 8052
Central South Island
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