Kerikeri Steam Sawmill

Wood waste fires the 1965 Babcock and Wilcox firetube boiler (<1MW).
Description of facility: 

Note that Collins Brothers Sawmill is not a museum, but a real life business. Energywise it is completely self sustained. Running at about half capacity, it produces enough wood waste from cutting to fuel the boiler, drive the steam engine and generate electricity to power the various on site saws and blenders. Fuel consists of small pieces of wood, not saw dust, as one might guess form the long exposure shot on this page.
A connection to the grid is available, but only single phase and used for lighting etc. when the mill is closed over weekends.
No further details are available.
It is understood the mill may no longer be steam operated as at 2009.

Facility type: 
Wood Processing Plant
Technology type: 
Conventional Combustion
Wood Fuel
Primary Output: 
210e Kerikeri Inlet Road, Kerikeri, Bay of Islands, Far North, Northland
Upper North Island
Geo Location: