Lautoka and Rarawai Coal Biomass Cogeneration Plant

The project involved an evaluation of a proposal on a cogeneration plant using Bagasse, Hog Fuel and Coal.
Description of facility: 

The proposal suggested installing two 100t/h, 87 bar, 510ºC boilers at Rarawai and Lautoka sugar mills in Fiji. Steam from each boiler is fed to a 20 MW double extraction condensing turbine and process steam for the refining of sugar. Part of the electricity generated is used internally and the remainder is exported to the Fijian Electricity Authority.
AECOM was engaged by the Fiji Sugar Corporation to review the proposal, ensuring that the report by the Sugar Technology Mission demonstrated technical viability and accurate costs of the equipment proposed.
The scope of work included:
• Investigations to determine the quantities of fuel required, whether these fuels were available in Fiji and at what price
• An assessment of the suitability of the technology recommended to the Fijian economy
• Determination of a market for the electricity exports
• An assessment of the costing accuracy
• A basic economic analysis of the project.

AECOM compiled a report that identified both advantages and disadvantages in the proposed technology along with some new ideas. Experience with a broad range of power plant in a number of countries enabled us to improve the accuracy of the costing provided in the Sugar Technology Mission Report.

Facility type: 
Technology type: 
Cofiring Coal/Biomass
Agricultural Residue
Primary Output: 
Lautoka, Fiji
Other - Overseas
Geo Location: