Tachikawa Fuel Handling System and Hot Water Boiler

Tachikawa Forest Products NZ Ltd in Rotorua committed to installing a 8MWth energy plant to be fired on waste-wood products to boost kiln drying capacity and clean up their waste disposal problem.
Description of facility: 

Brightwater Engineers designed, built, installed and commissioned an integrated fuel handling system, incorporating:
· - A Saxlund International Pull-Floor type discharger system housed in a 200 m3 covered fuel bunker. The Pull-Floor design allows fuel to be introduced to the bunker by a combination of truck-dumping, loader filling, and conveyor systems. The discharger system utilises four ladders and a levelling screw to ensure a consistent rate of discharge. The Saxlund International Pull-Floor discharger is economical both in terms of space and maintenance needs and can be adapted to many industries and products.

An inclined truss-framed belt conveyor to provide the mixed fuel to the boiler surge bin. The conveyor was supplied complete with 600 mm oil resistant belt, belt scraper, weatherproof covers, shaft-mounted motor, chutes, conveyor supports, and a cover for the boiler surge bin.

Easteel (now RCR Energy) installed supplied the 8 MW wood waste fired vibrating hot water boiler.

Facility type: 
Wood Processing Plant
Technology type: 
Vibrating Grate
Wood Fuel
Primary Output: 
87 Vaughan Road, Rotorua
Central North Island
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