Tirohia Landfill Gas project

Application: Power Generation from Landfill Gas
Description of facility: 

Tirohia Landfill is the first modern landfill facility to effectively service the needs of communities in the Eastern Waikato, Western Bay of Plenty, Thames Valley and Coromandel Peninsula.

Landfill gas is captured using a system of landfill gas wells which comprises a series of perforated pipes enveloped with drainage metal or shredded tyres, laid either vertically or horizontally into the landfill. Tirohia Landfill Renewable Generation uses this gas to generate power.

Entec's scope of supply on this project was to provide a Waukesha APG1000 Power Generation Module, and a Blower Drier Module. Both modules were packaged within modified ISO shipping containers, allowing rapid and cost-effective installation on site.

The Blower Drier module comprises a gas blower, which provides the suction to extract LFG from the landfill. The compressed gas is passed through a refrigerated heat exchanger and filtration system, designed to remove moisture and particulate from the raw gas. The treated gas is then re-heated before transmission to the gas engine.


Facility type: 
Municipal solid waste
Technology type: 
Gas Engine
Municipal Waste
Primary Output: 
Quarry Road, Paeroa
Upper North Island
Geo Location: 
Equipment supplier: