Wigram Lodge

Wigram Lodge installed a wood-chip boiler - and in the process reduced energy costs and improved tenant comfort. Wigram Lodge is saving up to $52,000 and has reduced emissions by 146 tonnes per year
Description of facility: 

Christchurch’s Wigram Lodge provides accommodation for up to 200 residents needing mid- to long-term accommodation.
Some of the single rooms include en-suite bathrooms and there are also communal bathrooms, lounges, laundries and kitchens for shared use. Tenants, who vary from workers, students to travellers, pay a fixed weekly rental that includes all their hot water and heating.
The owner instaledl a wood chip boiler as the most cost effective option, costing 3.9c per kilowatt hour. A 1MW automated coal boiler converted to run on wood chip has replaced the three old LPG units.
Twice a week, wood chip is delivered to the site and a blower loads the chip into the silo. The wood chip is fed via gravity into the auger and then into the boiler.

Facility type: 
Hotel/Rest Home/Accommodation
Technology type: 
Conventional Combustion
Wood Fuel
Primary Output: 
15 Sioux Avenue Wigram Park Christchurch
Central South Island
Geo Location: