Zealandia Horticulture Ltd.

Two biomass fuelled hot water boilers with a total heat output of 4,100 kW installed at Zealandia's site in Belfast by Polytechnik Biomass Energy Pty Ltd provide heat to the site green houses.
Description of facility: 

Zealandia Horticulture Ltd. replaced its old wood boiler plant with two new state-of-the-art Polytechnik heat plants which bring international best practice to New Zealand.
The system has been designed to utilise hogged and chipped wood, bark, forest residues and arboriculture waste which allows Zealandia to buy fuel which costs less than half of what similar installations of that size in the country are running on.

Features of the plant include inter alia a combustion air preheater, an oxygen control system, a fuel drying zone and a programmable logic controller (Siemens) including visualisation and furnace cameras to optimise and monitor the plant when running on different fuel qualities from all around the Globe.

With three individual controlled combustion zones, a back-end flue gas temperature of 125 to 140°C, automatic cleaning and de-ashing systems and the 1,000 m3 heat storage tank Polytechnik’s plants are currently the most advanced and efficient heat plants in New Zealand for low calorific value fuels.

Needless to say that the emissions of the new plant have been just a fraction of the emission of the old plant which will improve Christchurch’s air quality and benefit the whole community.

Facility type: 
Technology type: 
Conventional Combustion
Wood Fuel
Primary Output: 
301 Radcliffe Road, Belfast, Christchurch 8051, New Zealand
Central South Island
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