Aica NZ Ltd

Bronze member in categories Service provider, Other private facility owner / operator, Technology developer

Aica NZ Ltd are a Japanese owned NZ based manufacturer, primarily of adhesives for the wood panels and engineered wood products, glass wool insulation, overlay paper treating, industrial resin and formalin supply industries in New Zealand, Australia and Fiji. Our plants are located in Richmond Nelson and Bell Block New Plymouth and we are part of the Asia Pacific group of Aica Kogyo.

We have unpressurised batch manufacturing capabilities from lab scale through 1 to 2 tonne, 5 tonne, 20 tonne, 50 tonne and 75 tonne capacities. We have procurement, handling and storage capability in methanol, phenol, melamine, caustic soda IMS and other chemicals and manufacture formaldehyde/formalin from methanol.

We have laboratory facilities for lab scale production and trialing at our plant in New Plymouth and strong links to Aica R&D facilities in Singapore and Japan.

Contact: Nick Chandler
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By phone: 03 989 3046

Company activities:
Adhesive and other industrial chemicals manufacture and supply.