Armatec Environmental

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Solutions for removal of toxic and/or odourous compounds.  Deep capacity in selected technologies for hydrogen sulfide & fluoride scrubbing, design and manufacture of fibreglass fans, coatings and fibreglass products for corrosive environments.

Our drive is to work with industry to reduce emissions to the environment. Our team of international technology partners and skilled staff, demonstrate, with the right technology, industry and environment can be mutually beneficial, stimulate the economy and add value to business.  Goals include continual development of our expertise, innovative technologies and understandings to assist our customers to navigate their environmental challenges towards increasing sustainability and maintaining profitability.

We serve broadly across a range of industries to provide cost effective and innovative solutions to the most difficult of challenges. We provide full service complimentary pre-assessment, supply & installation, quality assurance, warranties, inspections and repairs and professional assistance. Our unique combination of strong, trusted solutions & leading edge technologies, international networks & in-house design, pilot plant testing, passionate & experienced chemical engineering & fibreglass technicians plus over 40 years of experience and expertise ensure we deliver.

Contact: Catherine Taiapa
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Company activities:
Designers, manufacturers and suppliers of world-class industrial fibreglass (FRP/GRP) products and odour pollution and corrosion control solutions.