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Hawke’s Bay grows and processes a huge amount of food, particularly fruit. Some companies are progressing projects to add value to by-products, but many don’t have sufficient internal resources to do this optimally. All businesses are under pressure to improve their performance on sustainability metrics. 

In Hawke’s Bay, the food industry (from the farm to the processor) faces significant sustainability challenges. Consumers, customers, and regulators are all demanding better performance and evidence of that performance. 

Hawke’s Bay’s five councils are investing in a food programme, which will coordinate Hawke’s Bay’s ‘Sustainable is Attainable’ project, alongside and connected to the programme running in South Canterbury, which enables and supports businesses to come together to look for collaborative opportunities that come from combined scale and/or combined waste streams.

One of the opportunities that was identified during the first stage of the Sustainable is Attainable project is bioenergy, and we are in the process of fact-finding to determine what a regional approach might look like.

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