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Licella has developed a unique process to convert readily-available, low-cost biomass (plant material) into a stable Bio-Crude oil, which can be refined into various “drop in” fuels. Using its proprietary catalytic hydrothermal technology, Licella can use any form of ligno-cellulosic biomass feedstock to produce its Bio-Crude oil. At Licella's Pilot Plant, Radiata Pine sawdust (a saw mill by-product), and other energy crops, have been processed. In principle, any ligno-cellulosic biomass can be used in Licella's process. Licella has established a number of key partnerships with major international companies, including Virgin Airlines, Air New Zealand and Norske Skog, to jointly develop its technology.

Licella is an Australian-based company that has developed a unique process to transform renewable woody-waste materials into an array of biofuels. The Licella process has been running at its own pilot plant at Somersby (just north of Sydney), Australia for over 3 years. Having won an Australian Federal Grant, its 2nd generation Commercial Demonstration Plant (CDP), was opened in December 2011.

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