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The LPG Association of New Zealand exists to serve the interests of its members.  It promotes the safe and increased use of LPG.  In doing so it works to secure a favourable environment for the production, marketing and distribution of LPG.  In addition, it serves as the principal voice of the LPG industry to Government and the community.

To achieve these goals the Association will:

  • Advocate for the use of LPG with government agencies, the public and relevant stakeholders
  • Promote safety within the LPG industry and the community
  • Anticipate and respond to the challenges and opportunities which confront our industry and members
  • Achieve favourable governmental actions on LPG issues
  • Provide forums for communication within the industry.

Website: http://www.lpga.org.nz/
Contact: Peter Gilbert
By email: peter@lpga.org.nz
By phone: 04 914 1765

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