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Welcome to the world of energy efficiency.....

Negawatt Resources Ltd is a full service energy efficiency business, offering products, services and advice on the whole building envelope, residential and commercial. As the longest established energy efficiency entity in New Zealand, we have developed considerable experience and expertise in delivery and application. Performance rather than product specific, we carefully analyse the needs of our customers and recommend appropriate solutions that we have tried, tested and understood.

Established in 1992 Negawatt Resources is NZ’s first dedicated commercial energy efficiency company, the philosophy of which is that efficiency measures can be self-funding (rather than needing subsidy) and to deliver the most appropriate and practicable efficiency measures and services.Over the years we have been supported by many scientists and experts in NZ and overseas. Harry Trethowan, BRANZ foil and moisture scientist for 30 years, warrants special mention.

We have learnt that:

  • You do need to understand the science behind processes
  • That not all products are equal, or fit for purpose despite the marketing hype
  • And that correct installation is the key to optimal value

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