Pump Systems

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Pump Systems is a NZ based importer/supplier of waste-water processing equipment to NZ, Australia, Singapore, and the Pacific. Since 1984 we’ve specialised in:

  • Digester mixing systems
  • Sludge pumping
  • Sludge heating
  • Screening systems, rotary drum screens and in-channel screening options
  • Organic/inorganic separation systems i.e. packaging removal
  • Waste receiving stations
  • Septic receiving & processing stations
  • Grit-classifiers
  • F.O.G. separation

Website: http://www.pumpsystems.co.nz/
Contact: Jarrod Marsden
By email: jarrod@pumpsystems.co.nz
By phone: +64 3 352 4180

Company activities:
Equipment providers
Design and supply of sludge tank and digester mixing systems
Sludge and air to water heat exchangers
Wastewater filters and valves for a diverse range of industries