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Return 2 Earth established in 2008 and based at Egmont Rd New Plymouth is an Organic Waste Solutions company committed to recycling organic wastes into bioproducts providing best community and environmental outcomes.

The company focuses on two streams within the business:

  1. Processing organic waste into biofertilizer, compost and garden mulches: and
  2. Processing solid biomass waste from wooden pallets, cable drums and untreated timber into woodchip available as a wood fuel and for animal bedding.

Return 2 Earth have always valued quality over quantity and proactively and continually search for modern and innovative practices and opportunities regarding responsible organic waste management. The company will provide wood chip as fuel to meet your boiler specification.

Years of practical experience and in depth understanding of living healthy soils and the ongoing associated environmental benefits of improved water quality, better nutritionally produced food, resulting in better human health and social welfare are the drivers that have seen Return 2 Earth develop into a respected and valued business.

Going forward Return 2 Earth plans to deliver better outcomes in the organic waste sector through the production of bio-fertiliser and in conjunction with the Bioenergy Association and other like-minded businesses has the expectation to make Taranaki and New Zealand a much better place.

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recycling organic wastes into bioproducts