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Steeper Energy is a Danish-Canadian technology and project development company that is in the later stages of commercialising its hydrothermal liquefaction technology platform – Hydrofaction®. The Company was founded by Dr. Steen Iversen (CTO) and Perry Toms (CEO) in 2011 to bring together a long history of HTL chemistry and advanced biofuel experience.

With over a decade of development and approximately $100M of equity, grants, and funding from strategic partners, Hydrofaction® is ready for rapid deployment. Hydrofaction® is made up of many commercially available sub-technologies and utilizes proven, catalytic, supercritical water chemistry to convert sustainable biomass from forests, fields, industry and municipalities into a bio-crude (Hydrofaction® Oil) with lower oxygen and water content compared to other thermochemical processes. Steeper has 25 patent families with hundreds of patents granted or pending.

In 2021, Steeper began commissioning its Industrial-Scale Demonstration Project in partnership with its first commercial licensee: Silva Green Fuels in Tofte, Norway (“SGF”). Statkraft A/S and Södra AB formed SGF to become a major player in the emerging renewable road, marine transport, and aviation fuel sectors — SGF studied over 40 different technologies and vendors from 2013 to come to the decision to adopt Hydrofaction® as their technology of choice.

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