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The practical application of knowledge.  Vantage: A position giving strategic advantage, commanding perspective or comprehensive view

Professional mechanical engineering services are offered, including;

  • The identification and assessment of emerging technologies
  • Advanced food processing technologies and process engineering.
  • Energy and process technologies, including mechanical and thermal design and specification, cogeneration systems, geothermal power, boiler and combustion equipment, and a wide range of other renewable and fossil-fuelled energy technologies.
  • General mechanical systems and components including material handling
  • Commercial evaluation, contractual issues and IP

Broad experience and qualifications will bring perspective and analysis to large and complex projects, distilling issues and solutions. Large or small projects can be managed, based on familiarity with contractual, tendering, construction and commissioning issues. Experience includes work with diverse and geographically distributed teams, and in a range of environments including construction, consulting, design, project management, test and certification, and research and development. Roles including Project Manager, Owners Engineer and Discipline lead.

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Professional mechanical engineering services