Adopt easy wins

   Brian Cox


22 February 2018

By Bioenergy Association chief executive Brian Cox

Government officials appear to be putting more effort into working out how to purchase international carbon credits (Carbon News 20 Feb 2018) than into reducing the country’s greenhouse gas emissions.

The focus of officials’ attention should be on the many “easy win” greenhouse gas emission reductions we have available for immediate adoption.

Purchasing international carbon credits should be a contingency, and not the prime activity.

It is wrong for officials to say linking the Emissions Trading Scheme to schemes in other countries, is the best way to secure the international carbon units New Zealand will need to meet its 2030 emissions reduction target.

Purchasing international credits (if they are available) will allow us to say we have met the target, but is a drain of scarce funds to other countries, and will produce no other benefit.

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