Biogas Interest Group update

The Biogas Interest Group (BIG) is currently revising and updating the Biogas Strategy which was developed in 2010.  The revised Strategy will be based on scenarios for the next few years that were developed for the "yes we can!' symposium. These scenarios set out what GHG mitigation could be achieved by increased collection and processing of methane from waste water treatment plant and landfills. Work has also been undertaken on the development of a new Plan of Action for the biogas sector and recommendations on policies and support which Government could provide which would make a difference to the speed of growth in the reduction of methane discharge.  The information is included in Information Sheet 31: GHG reduction using biogas technologies 

If you would like to be involved in development of the biogas strategy and are not on the Committee list, contact the Executive Officer.

The revised Biogas Strategy will be included in the options being put to Government.