Coordination of effort could speed up addressing climate change

Bioenergy Association, 12 June 2017

The Bioenergy Association says that coordination of effort across all of the sectors could speed up New Zealand’s ability to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and lead to new business opportunities.

Executive Officer Brian Cox says the Government’s current approach to climate change is piecemeal and ad hoc. “With coordination across the sectors and a joint policy response we can use the opportunity of addressing climate change to create new business opportunities. Queensland has recognised this and developed a roadmap to utilise its renewable natural resources to create new bio-based industries. The announcement by Queensland University of Technology that it is leading a $14 million research programme to develop profitable processes for turning livestock-industry wastes into bioenergy and other bioproducts, such as fertilisers, animal feeds, chemicals and plastics shows what we should and could do here. That project in conjunction with Meat & Livestock Australia shows the value of cross sector coordination.”

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