Farewell to fossil fuels


Fossil fuels should be consigned to history, the Productivity Commission says.

Incentives to replace petrol and diesel cars with electric vehicles and using renewable energy sources for industrial heat are among recommendations in the commission’s low-carbon report released today.

Noting the rapid rise in emissions from the energy sector since 1990, the commission recommends a carrot-and-stick approach to the problem, including:

  • Incentives to scrap fossil-fuel vehicles.
  • The removal of tariffs on low-emissions vehicles.
  • The introduction of fuel standards, congestion charges on roads and grants for low-carbon fuels like biofuels.

It also calls on the Government to take a lead in phasing out coal and other fossil fuels for heating in government buildings.

The report is being welcomed by the Bioenergy Association, which says the time for talking is over.

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