Mass to gas is a winner


13 August 2019

Alex won four awards at the Aurora Otago Science and Technology fair from his research into the biogas production from different organic waste materials. Not only did he research what wastes produced the most biogas but he then built his own organic waste digester at home.

He won the Aurora Award for Excellence in Energy Research, NZ Institute Food Science and Technology award, Forest and Bird Society Award and the Keith Dawber Memorial Award.

When asked about Alex’s research Brian Cox from the Bioenergy Association said that “Alex’s win shows the quality of his research and the fact that he won four awards shows the relevance of his work to what we can be doing throughout the Community. You have to be good to get four awards.”
“Processing organic waste to produce biogas and bio-fertiliser is now being considered by many food processors throughout New Zealand and Alex has shown what can be done by every food processor and dairy farmer in the Otago region.”

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