Pioneer to support University's switch to wood fuel



5 March 2018

Pioneer to support University’s switch to wood fuel

With help from Pioneer Energy, within three years, the University of Otago will halve its greenhouse gas emissions created by its energy use.

This initiative is part of the University’s Sustainability Strategic Framework which was launched in May 2017. Otago’s plan is to become a leader in sustainability in Australasia. The changeover of the fuel used to provide energy was just part of their target, which involved converting the existing 7.6 MW coal fired boiler to wood.

The University uses steam produced by Pioneer Energy at their Dunedin Energy Centre, for heating and hot water in twenty-nine of its buildings, previously produced using coal. The University’s decision to move ahead with the change of fuel enabled Pioneer Energy to begin planning for the full switch to wood fuel. Read full article

University of Otago, New Zealand