Recent transport biofuel activities


November 2018

Factoring in the environmental component when starting up projects

IPL attends Bioenergy conference

In October, IPL attended the Bioenergy Conference in Australia.  By attending the conference, IPL were able to find out more about all the different projects that are taking shape in the Bioenergy sphere.

A few interesting facts:

  • Currently all LAX flights are flying on a 30:70 blend of synthetic to refined jet fuel
  • An expected growth from 2.5% to 25% by 2050 in the use of biotreater type waste to produce electricity for the grid
  • E-buses are in high demand to reduce particulate contamination in countries such as London, France and Germany
  • Transport fleet such as Scania are modifying their offering to take advantage of Biodiesel, HVO, Ethanol – ED95, Biogas, CNG, Hybrids and Electrics.

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IPL invited to take part in South East Pacific Aviation Focus Group

As one of the renowned laboratories providing Aviation Fuel testing in the South East Pacific, IPL was invited to take part to this first Aviation focus group, which included specialists from the whole network. 

Throughout this conference, it was highlighted how important the role of testing plays in the Aviation Fuel life cycle. Testing establishes whether the Aviation Fuel meets the specifications and if it is fit for purpose, therefore highlighting any potential risks inherent in getting a plane from A to B.

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