We need waste to energy plants


January 2019

We need waste to energy plants

Bioenergy Association of New Zealand executive officer, Brian Cox, says waste to energy (WtE) plants must be part of our waste solution.

The News' article by Lee Scanlon "Waste to energy: 'regrets solution'" (January 9) suggests that waste to energy (WtE) is a "regrets solution" for the world's waste problem. It suggests that WtE is a temporary fix and could delay the emergence of something better: zero waste practices that eliminate the need for landfill and incinerators.

Zero waste is an aspirational goal. It is great to have but highly unlikely to be achieved. However, zero waste to landfill is a realistic goal every New Zealander should be committed to achieving.

It would be great if all councils adopted a zero waste by 2040 policy, as Auckland City has done.

The Bioenergy Association is advocating to Government that zero waste to landfill by 2040 should be a nationwide policy.

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