NZ biofuels potential

The New Zealand Advantage

On the back of the previous Government's Biofuels Sales Obligation several fledgling industry companies have invested several million dollars in good faith and in the belief that they had a sound future. Without doubt the change in approach has not suited all in the industry but one thing is clear, the present uncertainty will make it increasingly impossible for them to produce and/or market biofuels simply because the requirements are not clear. What this industry needs is a clear policy from Government so that business plans can be progressed.

The benefits of using liquid biofuels are many and more than justify a Government stimulus package to facilitate the growth of a New Zealand biofuels industry/market. The advantages to the New Zealand economy are two-fold: Firstly, they are internal to New Zealand and secondly, they have an impact on an international scale.

Within New Zealand the advantages are economic in nature - enhanced security of fuel supply; the reduction of raw materials sent off shore for processing; the securing of so-called 'green-collar' jobs; and the value maximisation of otherwise poor quality land. Furthermore, the advantages are environmental in nature - the reduction of CO2 emissions from transport, heating and stationary equipment applications will assist towards meeting our Kyoto commitments as well as making a tangible difference to the environment in which we live and breathe. Finally, the advantages have a health impact too - reduced transport emissions will have a positive effect on respiratory health. This aspect is pertinent to our major cities, were the rise in PM10 emission levels is of concern.  More here.