Regional activities

Wood Energy South

  • Wood Energy South is a joint partnership project between EECA and Venture Southland that has been set up to promote a shift in Southland to a cleaner, more sustainable fuel, improving our air quality, at the same time as we help support a new industry around the use of waste wood.
  • Independent technical advisory services - are available to Southland heat plant owners and industry stakeholders. Contact Isabel for information on the following services: site visits to assess the suitability of wood fuels for your business; unbiased advice on boiler and fuel options; and assistance with funding applications.
  • Funding for feasibility and capital projects - Contact Isabel for more information on the following: feasibility funding - 50% of project cost (up to a max of $15,000); capital grant funding - $4/GJ of energy displaced; and, applications for financial assistance are welcome

Wood Energy South case studies

In 2014, Venture Southland and the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) launched a three-year initiative called Wood Energy South focused on establishing a regional cluster of wood energy use in Southland.  Read more here..>

Wood Energy South biomass boilers symposium follow up

An exciting opportunity for commercial and industrial heat plant users, owners, and stakeholders to learn more about biomass boilers and their application in Southland. This event covered case studies on converting existing coal boilers, installing new biomass boilers and co-firing opportunities (combining coal and woodchip).  Use the links below to access event material

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