Agricultural biogas plant in Germany - a vision

Authors: S Theuer, C Herrmann, M Heiermann, P Grundmann, N Landwehr,
U Kreidenweis, A Prochnow


After nearly two decades of subsidized and energy crop-oriented development, agricultural biogas production in Germany is standing at a crossroads. Fundamental challenges need to be met.  This article sketches a vision of a future agricultural biogas plant that is an integral part of the circular bioeconomy and works mainly on the base of residues. It is flexible with regard to feedstocks, digester operation, microbial communities and biogas output. It is modular in design and its operation is knowledge-based, information-driven and largely automated. It will be competitive with fossil energies and other renewable energies, profitable for farmers and plant operators and favorable for the national economy.

This paper discusses the required contribution of research to achieve these aims.

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