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Wood energy article provided by Polytechnik Biomass Energy

Clean wood energy prescribed for Burwood Hospital

The move to use more clean burning wood in modern biomass heating systems in the South Island continues to gain momentum, with Burwood Hospital in Christchurch being the latest to be prescribed the environmental energy treatment.

The hospital, which houses an internationally renowned spinal unit, is scrapping its two polluting coal boilers that had been belching out tonnes of CO2 and sulphur dioxide annually.  Not very healthy for a health service facility.

2mgW boiler - Burwood Hospital                Morbark 4600XL chipper at Burwood

Wood energy supplies for lower South Island

Wood energy south, a joint initiative between Venture Southland and EECA, has been set up to promote the use of wood energy in Southland.  A wood energy supply study confirms available supply of wood for use in industrial boilers around Southland and Otago until 2050, providing assurance for businesses considering switching from fossil to wood fuels.

Binder chip boiler - Dunstan Hosp        Pioneer Energy's Heizomat chipper

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