Bioenergy Options for NZ - analysis of large scale bioenergy from forestry

This report is the 4th output from the Bioenergy Options for New Zealand project. It builds on previous studies described in the Situation Analysis, Pathways Analysis and Bioenergy Research Strategy.

Background: Bioenergy Options for New Zealand studies (Situation and Pathways analyses) identified a significant opportunity for New Zealand to develop a purpose-grown forestry-based biomass resource that could meet national-scale demands for consumer energy. Such forests could utilise low productivity grazing land on steep terrain with low current financial returns. The biomass arising from these forests could be used to provide heat, electricity and transport fuels for New Zealand whilst mitigating some environmental issues (carbon, water quality and erosion).

Purpose: This study (Large-scale Bioenergy from Forestry) considers the potential nation-wide impacts of growing forests for energy through a preliminary assessment of the environmental, economic and land-use implications. This information can assist in determining whether large-scale forests for bioenergy is a strategic direction worth pursuing, and what particular scenarios maximise the long-term benefits. The principal focus of this study is on the production of liquid fuels, since finding renewable options for transportation is recognised as one of the greatest challenges facing New Zealand.

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