Bioenergy options for NZ - transition analysis

The role of woody biomass from existing plantation forests, species options & drivers for change in energy supply. (Oct 2009)

This is the fifth and final report in a 3-year study considering New Zealand’s bioenergy options. Earlier reports showed that waste biomass from all sources would make only a small contribution to primary energy supply. To provide renewable options for future liquid fuel and heat demands the establishment of a large-scale purpose-grown forestry resource (on marginal land, so as to minimise displacement of agriculture) was proposed as an option with the greatest potential benefits for New Zealand. 

The current report addresses the question of bioenergy’s potential role in New Zealand’s energy system in the 25-year period between the existing state and a future scenario where a purpose-grown forestry resource is established. This role is determined by the available biomass resources and the key energy demands during this period.

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