Report: Bioenergy options for NZ - situation analysis

A situation analysis of biomass resources and conversion technologies, by Peter Hall and John Gifford, Nov 2007

This project, Bioenergy Options for New Zealand, provides an overview of the biomass resources currently and potentially available for energy production. It also outlines appropriate conversion technologies to produce heat, electricity and liquid transport fuels from these resources.  The full Energyscape project scope covers Indigenous energy, Bioenergy and Hydrogen respectively.

The bioenergy project focuses on assessing New Zealand’s bioenergy options, identifying the contribution that bioenergy can make to the nation’s energy future, and identifying research priorities to fill information and technology gaps. The purpose of this information is to accelerate New Zealand’s implementation of renewable energy. This document summarises a series of comprehensive reports covering biomass resources and conversion technologies. These reports include maps of biomass resources and areas where further resources could be developed.

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