Biofuel insights

A independent liquid biofuel research report by Sapare, prepared for EECA, March 2021

This paper aims to inform discussions about potential pathways of biofuel uptake and the associated emissions reductions in New Zealand’s light and heavy road transport, and domestic aviation and shipping.

In particular, this paper seeks to address the following questions. The paper’s structure follows the order of these questions.

  • What conversion technologies are used to produce biodiesel and drop-in diesel fuels (henceforth referred to as ‘biofuels’), and what are the suitable applications in transport?
  • What are the key issues regarding the compatibility of biofuels with existing engines and fuel infrastructure?
  • What standards and blending limits are being applied to ensure compatibility / miscibility of fuels?
  • How should biofuels be assessed in terms of their environmental impacts?
  • What is the potential demand and supply of biofuels in New Zealand?
  • What are the key aspects that need to be considered for a biofuel uptake in New Zealand’s transport?
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