Biogas for road vehicles - technology brief

A technology brief by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), March 2017,, Copyright (c) IRENA 2017

Biogas can be produced based on a microbiological process from different kinds of biomass. Possible feedstocks can be wastewater, wastewater treatment sludge, manure from animal production, industrial and municipal organic waste or energy crops as well as mixtures. Landfill gas can also be used.

When biogas is purified or upgraded to natural gas quality (then mostly referred to as “biomethane”), it can be used in the same manner as fossil gas for natural gas vehicles (NGV) or socalled dual fuel vehicles.

The technology for biogas production as well as for biogas purification and upgrading is reliable and mature. For every single application of the technology chain an adaption of the biogas technology to the available biomass (the so-called feedstock) is necessary. For biogas purification and upgrading, a variation of technologies is available, generally in standardised, prefabricated modules.

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