Biomass-based diesel

Fuels Institute, March 2020

A market and performance analysis

This report provides a comprehensive overview of U.S. biomass-based diesel (BBD) markets and performance.  BBD is defined here as biodiesel (fatty acid methyl esters, or FAME) and renewable diesel (hydrocarbons) that are derived from lipid feedstocks.  

This report’s primary purpose is to summarise and evaluate the major attributes of the U.S. BBD sector at every stage of the supply chain, including production, transportation, distribution, and consumption.  It is divided into four sections that focus on the following topics:

  1. Section 1. BBD supply and demand and their drivers;
  2. Section 2. Variations in BBD blending patterns and their contributing factors;
  3. Section 3. The technical and environmental performance characteristics of BBD fuels and BBD blends; and
  4. Section 4. BBD production and demand economics, both in the presence and absence of government subsidies and other types incentive programs.
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