Biomethane from Dairy Waste - Storage and transportation of biogas and biomethane

Dairy manure biogas is generally used in combined heat and power applications (CHP) that combust the biogas to generate electricity and heat for on-farm use. The electricity is typically produced directly from the biogas as it is created, although the biogas may be stored for later use when applications require variable power or when production is greater than consumption.

Biogas that has been upgraded to biomethane by removing the H2S, moisture, and CO2 can be used as a vehicular fuel. Since production of such fuel typically exceeds immediate on-site demand, the biomethane must be stored for future use, usually either as compressed biomethane (CBM) or liquefied biomethane (LBM). Because most farms will produce more biomethane than they can use on-site, the excess biomethane must be transported to a location where it can be used or further distributed.

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