Building up the future - final report

A European Commission report

The topic of "biofuels" in general, and "advanced biofuels" in particular, is very complex and has become controversial often based on positions not always supported by facts, figures and scientific analysis. The Sub-group on advanced biofuels (SGAB) decided that drafting a full report addressing all issues might be counterproductive and just another report added on the pile of those already existing (see SGAB Report "List of important references and reports"). Therefore, it was agreed within the SGAB that its final report to the Sustainable Transport Forum and the European Commission will consist of Strategic Positions, Recommendations & Key Messages as well as analyses of the key barriers that have, and still do, hindered the development and deployment of Advanced Biofuels, i.e. Section I of this report.

The Final Report hereinafter is based significantly on key take away messages from the various SGAB reports and memos in Section II and III in support of Section I. The Final Report is thus representing the best understanding of the experts involved about what the advanced biofuels industry would like to see in EU policy and market development.

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