Case Study: Froling 200kw boiler - Makarewa School

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Question: Would the school's network of pipes be able to cope with the new presurrised system?
Answer: The existing system has been able to handle the new system very well

A victory for forward-thinking

The environmental aspect of the project, while not the major driver, was a significant part of the discussion and the school’s eventual decision - especially with changes to air quality standards.

“It was an added bonus that the choice we made was a good choice for the environment,” Silcock said.

The new boiler had also generated a lot of interest in the local community with people with an interest in engineering and new technology keen to learn about how it works and have a look at it. Silcock is looking at options for showcasing the unit to anyone interested.

The process had taken three years from first thought to completion and had been a big project for the semi-rural school with a roll of about 140 pupils.

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