Case Study: KEA Campers pass 100,000km milestone on biodiesel

KEA Campers pass 100,000 km milestone on Biodiesel - walking the talk on clean green! - KEA Campers believes in being a sustainable and environmentally-responsible company. Our goal is to be leading the industry in this area.  As part of this mission, KEA has now been using 100% bio diesel in our transfer van since November 2009. In December 2008 KEA joined forces with New Zealand bio fuel producer, New Zealand Ester Fuels, to develop a bio diesel suitable for our Auckland transfer van – a 2008 Ford Transit, the same vehicle as the rental fleet’s 2 berth camper van. We ensured that the fuel was made using waste products, 100% bio diesel and met the New Zealand standard. The result was a bio diesel derived from used vegetable oils collected from restaurants and chicken cooking/processing operations. KEA environmental credentials and how they present themselves and NZ Inc to the world.