Climate change response (zero carbon) amendment bill

This submission is complementary to the individual submissions from members which provide more detail on specific aspects of the draft report.

We do not wish to speak to support this submission but can be available if requested.

The Climate Change Response (Zero Carbon) Amendment Bill (“ZCB”) is a great start toward assisting the citizens of New Zealand to start reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
New Zealand has many bioenergy and biofuels related methods for reducing greenhouse gas emissions which use proven technologies and can be implemented immediately. These include:

  • Use of biomass and waste to replace petroleum-based fuels such as coal, gas and diesel.
  • Processing of waste to avoid discharge of methane emissions and produce biogas and bio-fertiliser – two valuable products
  • Use of biomethane and liquid biofuels as vehicle fuels.

These methods of reducing greenhouse gas emissions also assist regional economic growth, clean air, clean waterways and provide additional revenue streams for stakeholders.

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