Report: Community biomass handbook - vol. 2


The Community Biomass Handbook. Volume 2: Alaska, Where Woody Biomass Can Work, is a companion volume to  the Community Biomass Handbook. Volume 1: Thermal Wood Energy, published in April 2014 (Becker et al. 2014).

Why an Alaska volume? The original handbook contains information to help answer initial questions about development of wood heating projects for any location, whereas the Alaska handbook addresses issues and conditions specific to Alaska—transportation logistics, access to resources, energy costs, and climate to name a few.

This second volume accompanies the three previously published Community Biomass Handbook volumes:

The handbooks accompanies BTEC's Wood Energy Financial Calculator, an online prefeasibility tool, which allows facility managers, project developers, and others interested in modern wood heating to calculate cost and energy savings associated with converting fossil fuel-powered heating systems to wood.  The Wood Energy Financial Calculator is designed to encourage the development of new markets for modern wood heating systems, expand the use of wood heating in high-performance buildings, and show the viability of wood as a heating source in rural communities.