Draft Queensland Organics Strategy 2022-2032

A strategy to improve the management of domestic and commercial food wastes, garden organics and timber

The draft Strategy reflects the priorities of Queensland’s Waste Management and Resource Recovery Strategy (Waste Strategy). It also considers Queenslanders’ concerns about the amount of organic material that is generated and disposed to landfill as well as the social, economic and environmental impacts of this disposal.

The Queensland Government is committed to reducing the generation of avoidable organic wastes such as food waste. We are also focused on facilitating and supporting the economic and market opportunities presented through improved recovery and recycling.

The draft Strategy will help drive job creation in the circular economy. It also identifies actions that will assist with retaining the value of materials in the economy for as long as possible, support infrastructure investment decisions and create new or expanded economic and market development opportunities.

Improving organics recovery rates presents significant opportunities to strengthen the organics supply chain and create jobs. These opportunities include food waste avoidance education and awareness programs, expansion of Garden Organics (GO) or Food Organics (FO) or Food Organics/Garden Organics (FOGO) household and commercial services, and support for critical organic waste processing infrastructure, particularly in regional areas.

Considerable investment will be required by all levels of government and the private sector to get us to where we want to be. We will continue to work with key stakeholders to develop an implementation plan that identifies the priority actions and delivery timeframes, to deliver long-term and sustainable change.

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