Energy policy

Position statements

Closure of refinery will increase barrier to low emissions transport (Sept 2021) - The announcement that the Marsden refinery is to be closed will increase the barrier to easy achievement of low emissions transport, says the Bioenergy Association.

Brian Cox, Executive Officer of the Bioenergy Association said that “The Bioenergy Association is concerned that the refinery at Marsden Point is being decommissioned without serious consideration of how the remaining equipment not used for import of petroleum fuels, can be repurposed for production of biofuels. We understand that the facilities could easily be repurposed for the refining of biocrude to produce some renewable biofuels. We understand that at certain ratios some types of bio feedstock can be co-processed on existing hydrotreating units without equipment upgrade”.  Read full statement

Government to widen renewable energy targets (March 2016) - The Bioenergy Association today welcomed the announcement by Minister Bridges that he will be widening the Government's energy targets from just electricity to include heat and transport energy which together provide 75% of our consumer energy demand. 
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