EU study on carbon impacts of biomass consumed in the EU

EU study on Carbon impacts of biomass consumed in the EU

The principal objective of this project was to deliver a qualitative and quantitative assessment of the direct and indirect greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with different types of solid and gaseous biomass used in electricity and heating/cooling in the EU under six different scenarios focusing on the period to 2030. Changes have been evaluated in global GHG emissions consisting of direct GHG emissions from fossil fuel, carbon sequestration, biogenic carbon emissions, indirect GHG emissions by applying the methods of consequential life cycle assessment (LCA). All scenarios achieve significant reductions in total annual GHG emissions, including those scenarios involving increased bioenergy consumption in the EU. The study was completed in August 2015 and made available to the public in March 2017 only. Reason is that the findings are counter the direction the Commission has taken.    

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