Report: Emission of greenhouse gases from anaerobic digestion processes - comparison with other MSW treatments

José M. Baldasano and Cecilia Soriano
Laboratory of Environmental Modeling, Dept. of Engineering Projects. ETSEIB. Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC). Avinguda Diagonal 647, planta 10, 08028 Barcelona-SPAIN


This contribution analyzes the anaerobic digestion process and compares emissions estimated for four different management processes for MSW (Municipal Solid Waste): biogasification, landfilling, composting and incineration. The comparison has been undertaken by considering in the estimation of the emissions the full cycle of MSW treatment, and not only the emissions derived from the fraction of MSW treated by each particular system. For instance, the fraction of MSW not submitted to biological treatment has to be incinerated or deposited in a landfill. The corresponding emissions of these processes have to be considered in the calculations of the final emissions.