IEA Bioenergy Countries' Report - update 2021

Implementation of bioenergy in the IEA Bioenergy member countries 

IEA Bioenergy - World bioenergy:  This report presents a comparative overview of the results for the different countries for the role of bioenergy in total energy supply (TES), in electricity use, total fuel/heat consumption, and in transport energy consumption. A first chapter will go into country profiles, indicating relevant characteristics that impact the potential role of bioenergy in the energy system.  Read report here

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IEA Bioenergy has released its overview of bioenergy in NZ:  This report was prepared from the 2021 IEA World Energy Balances and Renewables Information, combined with data and information provided by the IEA Bioenergy Executive Committee and Task members. Read report here

IEA Bioenergy - Australia Bioenergy Overview:  IEA Bioenergy has released its overview of bioenergy in Australia. Read report here