Report: Options for high percentage biomass cofiring in new power plants

IEA BIoenergy Task 32: Biomass combustion and cofiring
June 30, 2009.  European Biomass Conference, Hamburg, Germany

This report summarises the presentations of a Task 32 workshop, which was held in Hamburg in June 2009.  The workshop was on increased co-firing percentages for both existing and new plants, with a specific emphasis on next generation co-firing systems.  In the workshop technology developments in relation to next generation co-firing were made indicating the most promising technical concepts.

The report includes key experiences and figures, and discussed experienced and expected performances.  They covered a wide variety of topics, covering the whole scale of co-firing techniques and discussing various ways to achieve high co-firing percentages, also for not-normal fuel types, or even new commodity (torrefied) fuel types. The aim of all these was to show the extended possibility and chances for co-firing very high percentages (up to 100% biomass) in large scale units and a fast and effective way. Although there are challenges with respect to fuel preparation, handling, combustion and operation, these presentations showed that when done properly, coal can be exchanged by biomass in a fast way and in many cases for restricted costs and in a limited time.

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