Information Sheet 11b: Bioenergy Association publications - Solid biofuels

The Bioenergy Association is committed to assisting the use of best practice througout the bioenergy sector. Using the expertise amongst its members and affiliates, the Bioenergy Association has been able to develop a number of publications to:

  • achieve a good understanding of the production of heat from solid biofuels;
  • obtain guidance on best practice;
  • secure top quality equipment; and
  • obtain an understanding of the market for producing heat from solid biofuels. 

The publications are published and are searchable in the Wood Energy Knowledge Centre . They include:

  • Information Sheets
  • Occasional Papers
  • Technical guides
  • Technical Notes
  • Webinar and workshop presentations.

A full list of the publications related to solid biofuels is in this Information Sheet. 

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