Information Sheet 20: Hog feed system

Brightwater hog infeed bin

The Brightwater Engineers Limited (B.E.L.) Hog Feed System was designed originally for the large Blue Mountain Lumber sawmill site at Tapanui in Southland where a wide variety of sawmill wood and by-product residues are produced in the day-to-day mill operation.  These residues include lumber off-cuts (green and dry), sawline screen "overs", bark, fillet sticks, wet and dry sawdust and general woodyard waste.  

In most situations, these difficult-to-handle materials, often tangled and multi-sized, are deemed to be too difficult to process and are usually dumped as waste at a significant cost.  

Installation of a B.E.L. Hog Feed system allows this "biomass waste" material to be converted into a valuable fuel resource.

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