Information Sheet 33: Greenhouse gas emissions reduction from transport biofuels

In 2017, transport (including local supply to international transport) used 45% (297PJ) of New Zealand’s energy supply.  This is virtually all fossil fuel and so represents a staggering 63% of New Zealand’s fossil fuel use.   Its domestic use released 15.6 million tonnes of CO2-e, which amounts to 50% of the gross GHG emissions from the New Zealand energy sector[1].   (By comparison in Australia only 17% of emissions are from transport fuels)

Use by type of fuel in 2017 was: petrol (113PJ all domestic); diesel (100PJ domestic, 2PJ international); aviation fuels (14PJ domestic, 54PJ international); and marine fuels (4PJ domestic, 11PJ international).  Nearly all this fossil fuel is currently imported, either as crude oil for processing at Marsden Point, or as a finished fuel. [2]

Currently only a very small proportion of transport fuel is sourced sustainably....

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